Protect Your Property from Trespassing

Know Your Rights as the Owner

To make sure you are fully aware of your rights as the owner of the land, security guard hire London have provided info that will help you understand what laws to uphold and what steps to take in order to prevent trespassing. This is important because there are many instances where trespassing is not an innocent act; it can lead to theft or vandalism against your property.

The first thing you should do is make sure that the land you are owning has a properly working fence. There needs to be some sort of boundary created in order for people not to cross onto your property without permission. For example, if there is no gate on the fence and someone climbs over it or breaks through a hole, then they will have trespassed into your space. It’s important that all gates remain closed and locked at all times so nobody can get inside without proper authorization from an occupant within the household.

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The next thing you need know about when trying to prevent somebody from entering your land is what laws apply in your state regarding this issue under criminal trespass law . In many states such as New York , California , Florida , Illinois etc…criminal trespassing is a misdemeanor. You can read more about the specifics of state laws on this website .

The final tip we have for you is that if somebody does enter your land without permission and becomes violent, then there are certain steps to take in order to protect yourself as well as other people who live within or around your property. It’s suggested that you call 911 right away so police officers will be able to respond accordingly and hopefully put an end to any physical violence occurring between trespassers and residents. Also, another important thing for not only homeowners but also tenants living within properties owned by someone else is knowing their rights before it comes down to having confrontations with strangers illegally entering onto private property unannounced.